When it comes to connected devices, we are ready to answer the call for any complex engineering challenges. We have invested in the infrastructure, equipment and expertise so you don't have to.

From initial concept to integrating new technologies in existing designs or products, to developing fully customized new platforms, Cinder Labs engineers have domain expertise across technologies that drive intelligent products to be able to meet the need for any custom product development that relies on cutting edge technologies and complex engineering.

Below are just a few examples of 3rd Party Development that span our capabilities and creative approach to our customers' challenges and needs:

IoT Development Engines

Cinder has partnered with several semi-conductor companies to build up a library of reference designs for IoT applications. Leveraging these platforms can accelerate new product development using existing optimized modules for novel applications.


Cinder engineers refined the original prototype design and integrated additional sensor capabilities to create something both ergonomic and visually appealing, ultimately helping the customer with a successful Kickstarter launch.

Custom Virtual Reality Controller

Cinder was approached with the challenge to produce a custom controller for the game that would further immerse the participant in the experience. The VR Shotgun was designed with inertial tracking, haptic feedback, recoil, IR tracking and a post-apocalyptic look and feel to further the user experience.


We were responsible for the electrical, mechanical, software and industrial design of a new dental product intended to optimize the delivery of dental composite resin. The result was a more efficient utilization of the composite carpule with a focus on an untethered and ergonomic design.

Software Development

From firmware to drivers and web applications, Cinder software engineers can provide full stack development.

Audio Visual Analysis Suite

The Cinder "A/V Suite" is a unique, efficient and accurate solution for media playback analysis, taking an end-to-end approach to test and measurement that is agnostic to the underlying technology used for content delivery.

Connected Analytics

Connected Analytics: a web based data analytics platform designed to input customer data and apply an easy to use interface for analyzing and visualizing test data.

Complex Systems Engineering

Cinder engineers are ready to answer the call for any complex engineering challenges. We have invested in the infrastructure, equipment and expertise so you don't have to.

Rate Table

The bench top "2-Axis Rate Table" was developed in response to a customer's need to more effectively test inertial sensors for consumer electronics applications. The system allows for physical stimulation in 2 axis' simultaneously to enable complex motion scenarios.

5-Axis Translational Platform

The "Hard Touch" is a robotic platform developed to effectively test touchscreen applications. This solution automates the manual test process and compares actual physical stimulus to the input detected by the device under test.

Ambient Light Chamber

The "Ambient Light Chamber" uses thousands of ultra-bright white LEDs, allowing a multi-directional wash of light over a device under test, and can be expanded to include near infrared wavelengths. Allows for testing the practical range of intensities reportable by embedded ambient light sensors common in consumer electronics.

Complex Motion Pendulum

The interchangeable arms of the "Complex Motion Pendulum" were designed to simulate the variable motion of a human arm. Plastic and brass construction of this system allows for the study of oscillatory sensor motion without fear of magnetic interference from electrical components or ferromagnetic materials.